Volunteering through JustServe: Sewing for Native Nations

Early this spring, the service organization Sewing For Native Nations contacted JustServe administrators in Iowa seeking to fill the huge need for masks for native peoples. Many health centers, schools, and communities were suffering high numbers of COVID infections, and they did not have masks.

In a month, members of the Des Moines Iowa Stake sewed and purchased 541 masks to benefit the Kayenta Health Center on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. Over a dozen other groups and individuals saw the need through posts on JustServe and also made and shipped masks to other Native peoples in need. Erin Besperat, a member of the Sewing for Native Nations administrative staff, said, “I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your excitement and generosity! …So many kind hearts.”

Besperat stressed that the need is great, and each and every mask will be used. “We have had people email or join our Facebook group who saw Sewing for Native Nations on the JustServe site,” she said. “There was even a super sweet high school student who created a neighborhood fundraiser, purchased fabric and then cut the fabric into precut kits for our community to sew. Thank you!”

Where can you serve today? Check out JustServe.org for ideas!

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